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Oh put the lotion in the fucking basket

bitch, put the lotion in the basket

Gary Glitter
achtung baby, adam & wil, adam clayton, alan alda, alan rickman, american beauty, angel, anti-war, anton corbijn, anton enus, arrr! i'm a pirate!, autumn, axolotls, beatles, being a needy bitch, being john stamos, being molested by morkyfer, bernard fanning, black, black eyeliner, bob geldof, bono, bono's milkshake, bowie, boy, brian molko, buffy, captain jack harkness, chance's gaydancing, church of areaology, colin firth, contemptuous indifference, cows, daria, dave evans, david bowie, dead poet's society, decapitating barbie dolls, donnie darko, dragons, dresden dolls, elevation, enid blyton, eugenics for bogans, fire, foad, freaks and geeks, fuck off and die, george harrison, glam rock, greenpeace, guy pearce, harry chapin, harry potter, hating george bush, ignoring my birthday, inferiority complexes, inxs, james marsters, jane austen, jeff buckley, jim morrison, john barrowman, johnny depp, joss whedon, katherine moennig, kevin spacey, killing stupid people, larry mullen jr, lauren ambrose, live aid, lurking, m*a*s*h, macphisto, mark wilkens, mocking fundamentalist evangelical christians, moony, mr darcy, muppets, narnia, neil young, nirvana, noah wyle, nutella, oasis, oscar the grouch, padfoot, paul hewson, phonetic scrabble, photography, placebo, playing with myself, powderfinger, princess chance, procrastinating, purple, queen, queer as folk, rage, rain, rattle & hum, remus lupin, remus lupin's homosexuality, remus/sirius, rocky horror picture show, rufus wainwright, sarcasm, scissor sisters, setting things on fire, shirley manson, silver, silverchair, sirius black, sirius/remus, six feet under, smurfs, smut, snape, sooty, sparky the spoon boy, spiders from mars, spiderwebs, spike, stuffed animals, superiority complexes, superman, teddy bears, the doors, the edge, the joshua tree, the pogues, the whitlams, thora birch, tim tams, timmay!, triple j, u2, vampires, vegetable soup, velvet goldmine, vinyl, waldorf & statler, wasting time, watching sunrise, watching sunset, wham!, william the bloody, willy wonka, ziggy stardust, zootv